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marta torrent/santa rita: blown glass jewelry

I received an email from Marta Torrent/Santa Rita letting me know about a new body of work she calls The No. 3 Collection. Inspired by a Tarot card, the series includes blown glass forms, silver and gold-plated silver chains and precious stones.

Marta Torrent/Santa Rita


Marta Torrent/Santa Rita

It was love at first sight for me. I’m drawn to the idea of boldly wearing fragile pieces near the heart. . .all so easily broken if not properly cared for, yes?

Marta Torrent/Santa Rita


Marta Torrent/Santa Rita


Marta Torrent/Santa Rita

Don’t miss the rest of her collections, which are equally compelling. Here is an example:

Marta Torrent/Santa Rita

Marta Torrent Santa Rita’s website

lucie houdková: plastic tape jewelry

Polypropylene tape wrapped and twisted into shapes somehow become jewelry – Cocoons – one of several collections from Lucie Houdková.

lucie cocoon 1


lucie cocoon 2


lucie cocoon 6

Houdková says her process of layering and winding is meditative as she creates the cocoons (named for the shape of caterpillar cocoons). Each one is made by hand with tape, epoxy and elastic, often layered inside of each other to form necklaces, pendants and earrings.

lucie cocoon 7


lucie cocoon 5


lucie cocoon 4


lucie cocoon 3

They seem to be both organic and space-age at the same time. Innovative designs and material.

Lucie Houdková’s website.


silina pantelidou: paper and metal jewelry

Silina Pantelidou begins each collection of jewelry by making sketches, allowing the forms that “wander around” her mind the space and time needed for them to come to life.


Pantelidou studied graphic design and bookbinding, eventually learning to work with metal, which sent her off in a different direction, opening a new path: jewelry that combines paper and metal.


She explains, “from now on I could blend paper and metal in order to tell my stories in the form of small, precious objects.”


My personal favorites are the Voice and Asana collections pictured here.






“My main materials are metal and paper. Metal is a tough “companion”. At times I transform it until it follows my sketch, or at other times I let it show me the way through its own pathways. For the purpose of antithesis but also for balance I use paper, a material which feels as if it holds me by the hand. The paper fibers create an environment where I can play around with the colors of nature and the canvas on which I can narrate my stories.”






Silina Pantelidou’s website

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