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Another favorite post from 2009 is this one about glass artist Shayna Leib. Such graceful, flowing movement in all of her sculptures. Moebius, below, is one of Leib’s new pieces. More new work here.

Moebius, glass

Red Dirt Studios Installation

Today I am going to assist Margaret Boozer and her team as they install a large wall sculpture.  From idea to installation is a several-weeks-long process and next month I will show you much more about this process for each of the artists I worked with here in DC.

Margaret Boozer on top of a table constructing the sculpture

shayna leib: flow

Shayna Leib has been under the spell of hot, molten glass since observing a glass blowing demonstration when she was seven years old. Growing up thinking about glass, learning about glass and now working with glass has culminated in a body of work that wakes you up, quiets you down, makes you smile and begs to be questioned by curious and delighted viewers.



Antilles, 2008 each square is 6″x6″




Details from Antilles


She uses glass “not for its mimetic quality to capture the look of stone or plastic, but for its most unique properties; the inclination to flow, the capacity to freeze a moment in time, and its ability to manipulate optics.” Pictured here are images from the Wind and Water series (make sure you look at all of the images – simply beautiful).  Leib effectively tricks our eye into believing that the hard, cold glass is moving…flowing…cascading down the wall and into our consciousness.


Scirocco, 2005 and detail from Scirocco



I have a love/hate relationship with fire. I was haunted by extreme nightmares about fire, yet it held an irresistible pull. I’m drawn to it divinely.

Leib describes her process here and don’t miss the Organelle series of vessels.  You can read more about this multi-talented artist in this Fall 2008 CalPoly News article.

sofa ny annual show a must-see for artists, students, educators, collectors

On Saturday I attended the international Sculptural Objects and Functional Art show in NYC (SOFA NY). The show, considered to be one of the world’s foremost fairs for contemporary decorative arts and design, did not disappoint.


Merete Rasmussen, represented by Contemporary Applied Arts

If you go to only one show a year, this is the one to attend. For artists, art students and art educators, if you want to make excellent art it is imperative to have exposure to excellent work. The works presented at SOFA NY are spectacular examples of contemporary fine craft, art and design. Not in the NY area? Maybe you can attend SOFA Chicago or SOFA Santa Fe.

Liv Blavarp, represented by Charon Kransen Arts

Melanie Bilenker, represented by Sienna Gallery

The show enjoyed record attendance, with more than 18,000 collectors, curators, architects, designers and enthusiasts walking the show floor over four days to see offerings presented by 58 galleries. See what collectors were buying here.

Shane Fero, represented by Jane Sauer Gallery

Jan Huling, represented by Lyons Wier Gallery

It was wildly satisfying for me to see so many of the pieces previously featured on DAM – in person, in one place, in one day. I had a visceral reaction to a few and I will tell you more about that in another post. The images above and list below are a few of the artists previously featured on Daily Art Muse who had work in the 2010 SOFA NY show. Stay tuned for future posts featuring artists that you have not seen yet on DAM.

Ela Bauer
Melanie Bilenker
Liv Blavarp
Gordon Chandler
Kate Cusack
Miriam di Fiore
Shane Fero
Ford and Forlano
Arthur Hash
Jan Huling
Shayna Leib
Todd Pardon
Merete Rasmussen
Kait Rhoads
Erica Rosenfeld
Anthony Roussel
Bettina Speckner
Paul Stankard
Jen Trask
Catherine Truman
Mary Van Cline
Elise Winters

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